Hosted Sites

Sites I’m currently Hosting – is my personal play ground. It houses my rarely posted in blog ( as well as any thing that I am currently testing, working on or wanting to host publicly. – is a ham radio club based near Birmingham, Al. Site has tons of information on ham radio and also provides local events for fellow ham radio operators. – (Currently inactive) is First Person Shooter gaming squad that is currently focusing on Novalogic’s Deltaforce Blackhawk Down. As Second in command for the squad I am heavily involved with the site. We consider our selves a Christian Squad and our goal is to spread the word of God to others, using the game as our medium. –

A christian gamers site. Goal is to provide a place like minded players can gather, and discover other games.

Misc –

There are a few other domains hosted here that are currently inactive for various reasons. As they are considered in active and on the verge of being removed, i won’t go into detail now. New sites will be added to this list as they are added and launched.