About the owner

A little about my self

Hi, my name is Seth Bembeneck. I have been the owner of this domain name for years – first domain name I have ever purchased.
The name came about from my initials, S.D.B – and I liked the sound of “networks”.

At the time of this writing I am 34 years old. I have been hosting sites since 2004, starting with computers in my bed room. As my experience expanded, I moved to shared hosting to finally my own VPS.

I love hosting sites, getting them setup and helping others run or tweak their sites. I can work with html, css, php. My designing skills are severely lacking when it comes to actual website layouts, but I can pretty much add any thing any where and come up with the back-end code to support it. Which I guess makes me a website tweaker instead of a website builder.

I have experience with several forums and content management systems. If some thing new comes along, i can quickly figure it out.

Out side of web experience, I also have experience with basic to mid-level computer programing. I have worked in vb.net, c#, php, perl, delphi – can read enough c/c++ to convert simple functions over to one of the other languages.

I love computers – love to build them and love to play them.