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SDBNETWORKS.NET is the parent domain for a VPS server hosted through ndchost.net. As the owner, I mainly purchased this vps server for my own purposes with a friend, and decided to use sdbnetworks.net as the domain name required when ordering the VPS.

I am not a public webhost provider – I do how ever provide hosting for a couple of very close friends, as well as for my own needs.

I decided to use this site to be a directory listing of the websites currently hosted on this server, and to describe exactly why this domain exists. This site also serves another purpose in that it places a valid website on this domain.

All sites listed are under my care – though some more then others. I make sure all sites are up to date and make any tweaks that the various site admins want to make. On most sites where I take a more back seat role (even on sites not hosted by my self) I go by the name of Secret Helper.

I have done to the best of my ability to make sure this server does not become a spammer haven. I have run multiple tests by various spammer black lists sites and have passed them all. While I am not an experienced pro, I am learning all the time and make every effort to address issues as soon as possible.


Seth Bembeneck